$10 Lash Extensions

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I have been wanting to give these a try for quite some time now. I am not about to spend hundreds of dollars for my lashes when I didn’t even know if I could tolerate them lol. Same reason I don’t spend money to get my nails done, I rip them off after a couple days! So I thought I would save myself some money and do them myself.

These are the lash extensions I used. You can get the Eyelash Starter Kit here.  I ordered these from Amazon, but on the day they were delivered I saw these babies at CVS. Good thing for 2- day shipping. I naturally have veryyy blonde lashes, like white. I had to use an eyelash tint before putting these lashes on. I also ordered the lash tint from Amazon. It didn’t make them incredibly black but it did the trick. The links for all the products I used at linked below.

This comes with 3 lengths; short medium and long. Tweezers, clear glue, and lash remover. I didn’t want to go for the super dramatic look (it turned out a little dramatic anyway) so I didn’t use the long ones. I used medium from the outer corner inward, and short in the inner corner. I used all of the short and medium so I resorted to using long ones. But first I cut them down with my brow scissors. This pack was enough to fill both of my eyes with about 6 long’s left over.

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After I had gone all the way across I went back through and filled in any spaces. If you are brand new to this like I was, take your time. It took me a few tries to get the first lash to actually stay in place. They don’t dry immediately so you’ll have time to move it around if needed. *Piece of advice- wait for them to dry completely before walking outside on a windy day. Seriously, they took longer to dry and stay put than I expected.

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Overall I liked this set a lot. I will probably use it again. Pretty simple to apply even at beginner level. The only complaint I have is that the glue does dry “clear” but its still a little whitish in places. I may try the black glue next time instead!


I still love these lashes and use them every now and then! My go to every time are the short “knot free”  lashes. These are a lot more subtle and right down my alley. I believe these sets are around $4, so there very affordable. If you’re used to wearing false lashes I’m sure these will last you a lot longer than they do me. I gotten these to last me 4 days before going crazy and taking them off. A girl just has to rub her eyes sometimes!!


I also still use the clear Ardell lash glue, I just know how to control the “thickness” a little better. I ended up buying the large bottle of it. It has lasted me at least 5 sets of lashes with about a quarter left. I have yet to try the black glue. Maybe after this bottle is gone I’ll give it a try! Here is a picture with the SHORT lash set! I also have on the Bondi Sands foam tan from my Self Tan post!!

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Xo Court