Fruit & Granola

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Right now this is one my favorite things to throw together for breakfast or a when I need something quick. I made this after seeing it on Kristin John’s vlog and it quickly become a new favorite! Here is how you can do it yourself…

You’ll need:

1 Chobani greek yogurt cup (any flavor)

1 Banana sliced up

2-3 Strawberries sliced longways


Chia seeds

Raw Organic Honey

I just empty the yogurt into a bowl then put everything else right on top. Somebody snagged the last banana before I had a chance to do grab it…. Grr. You can use chia seeds if you’d like, I’m not a huge fan of them so I left them out. This snack is sweet, filling, and has about 16 grams of protein! The honey is seriously amazing on this, it makes it so much better. If your granola doesn’t already have dark chocolate in it you can add it in on its own!

Xo Court


$10 Lash Extensions

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I have been wanting to give these a try for quite some time now. I am not about to spend hundreds of dollars for my lashes when I didn’t even know if I could tolerate them lol. Same reason I don’t spend money to get my nails done, I rip them off after a couple days! So I thought I would save myself some money and do them myself.

These are the lash extensions I used. You can get the Eyelash Starter Kit here.  I ordered these from Amazon, but on the day they were delivered I saw these babies at CVS. Good thing for 2- day shipping. I naturally have veryyy blonde lashes, like white. I had to use an eyelash tint before putting these lashes on. I also ordered the lash tint from Amazon. It didn’t make them incredibly black but it did the trick. The links for all the products I used at linked below.

This comes with 3 lengths; short medium and long. Tweezers, clear glue, and lash remover. I didn’t want to go for the super dramatic look (it turned out a little dramatic anyway) so I didn’t use the long ones. I used medium from the outer corner inward, and short in the inner corner. I used all of the short and medium so I resorted to using long ones. But first I cut them down with my brow scissors. This pack was enough to fill both of my eyes with about 6 long’s left over.

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After I had gone all the way across I went back through and filled in any spaces. If you are brand new to this like I was, take your time. It took me a few tries to get the first lash to actually stay in place. They don’t dry immediately so you’ll have time to move it around if needed. *Piece of advice- wait for them to dry completely before walking outside on a windy day. Seriously, they took longer to dry and stay put than I expected.

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Overall I liked this set a lot. I will probably use it again. Pretty simple to apply even at beginner level. The only complaint I have is that the glue does dry “clear” but its still a little whitish in places. I may try the black glue next time instead!


I still love these lashes and use them every now and then! My go to every time are the short “knot free”  lashes. These are a lot more subtle and right down my alley. I believe these sets are around $4, so there very affordable. If you’re used to wearing false lashes I’m sure these will last you a lot longer than they do me. I gotten these to last me 4 days before going crazy and taking them off. A girl just has to rub her eyes sometimes!!


I also still use the clear Ardell lash glue, I just know how to control the “thickness” a little better. I ended up buying the large bottle of it. It has lasted me at least 5 sets of lashes with about a quarter left. I have yet to try the black glue. Maybe after this bottle is gone I’ll give it a try! Here is a picture with the SHORT lash set! I also have on the Bondi Sands foam tan from my Self Tan post!!

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Xo Court

Stripes & Flowers

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So over the last couple weeks we have put quite a bit of time into our yard (still a work in progress). We have planted grass seed, re-done the flower bed, and even planted some fruit (tried actually… repeatedly). The bare pot that Byntlie is looking at, are her “strawberries”. We planted them a couple of weeks ago it really just looks like we are growing weeds. I clearly have no idea what I’m doing. We’re going to empty it out and start over fresh (3rd times a charm right?).  Wish us luck.

We’ve had a neighbor who fed every stray kitty on the block for years…. Well he moved away and now those cats have made their way into our yard. By yard I mean flower bed. Using it for something it’s NOT. So we planted lavender, chocolate mint (Benny picked it from the picture of a chocolate cupcake), and lemon thyme along the porch. Since planting, we have not had one kitty pile and it seems we are no longer the kitty hangout of the block!  Next to come is lemon grass on the porch, hoping to get rid of mosquitos. We spend a lot of time on the front porch watching the girls play and the mosquitos just have to go.

We are getting closer and closer to summer… aside from those random days when the high is in the 60’s. And as excited as I am for that, I am dreading  how hot this summer is going to be…. I mean did we even have winter this year??


Xo Court