Fruit & Granola

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Right now this is one my favorite things to throw together for breakfast or a when I need something quick. I made this after seeing it on Kristin John’s vlog and it quickly become a new favorite! Here is how you can do it yourself…

You’ll need:

1 Chobani greek yogurt cup (any flavor)

1 Banana sliced up

2-3 Strawberries sliced longways


Chia seeds

Raw Organic Honey

I just empty the yogurt into a bowl then put everything else right on top. Somebody snagged the last banana before I had a chance to do grab it…. Grr. You can use chia seeds if you’d like, I’m not a huge fan of them so I left them out. This snack is sweet, filling, and has about 16 grams of protein! The honey is seriously amazing on this, it makes it so much better. If your granola doesn’t already have dark chocolate in it you can add it in on its own!

Xo Court


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